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Cosmic Poster Sizes and Custom Sizing Options

Cosmic Posters come in standard sizing that's widely available for posters, custom sizing options are available too!
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Cosmic Posters come in three standard sizes for both vertical and horizontal viewing!

Measurements for posters are determined by inches across the top for the first number value and then down along the side for the second number value. The examples below lets you visually see what are considered vertical and horizontal poster viewing types.

Why does Proper Linear Perspective Matter in the Ordering Process?

The reason it matters whether the values are for a vertical or horizontal viewing poster is because I paint them to the perspective of the way it is meant to be viewed. Sure it may be star fields, gas clouds, nebulas, etc but some elements like shooting stars look odd when they are shooting upwards verses downwards like we normally would witness them in real life, as if it's a falling star.

These rules are not set in stone and your Cosmic Poster can in fact be turned however way you want it for your personal viewing enjoyment. You can even trim them easily to fit a smaller size frame if need be.

Vertical Poster Sizes

Vertical Cosmic Posters are available in the following sizes:

poster size 18x24 18" x 24"
poster size 24x32 24" x 32"
poster size 24x36 24" x 36"
Example of Vertical Dimensions
read as 24" x 36"
Example of Vertical Dimensions
read as 18" x 24"
vertical poster size example vertical poster size example

Horizontal Poster Sizes

Horizontal Cosmic Posters are available in the following sizes:

poster size 24x18 24" x 18"
poster size 32x24 32" x 24"
poster size 36x24 36" x 24"
Example of Horizontal Dimensions
read as 36" x 24"
Example of Horizontal Dimensions
read as 24" x 18"
horizontal poster size example horizontal poster size example

Custom Cut Poster Sizing

Any size poster can be custom cut as long as one side dimension does not exceed 36". For custom sizes, please specify the dimensions by indicating the following:

poster view Vertical or Horizontal View
poster dimensions First Dimension is the measurement across the top of poster
poster dimensions Second Dimension is the measurement down the side of the poster

To order a custom cut size, simply place your Cosmic Poster order for the next size up from your desired dimensions and make a comment during checkout that you need a custom cut size. You can email me with further detailed instructions for your custom cut before or after you place your order.

For example, if you need a cosmic poster size of 20" x 30", simple purchase the 24" x 32" size that's available in both Original Backyard theme or Deep Space Fantasy theme. I will cut it to the 20" x 30" before I paint it. Posters and frames come in so many sizes, it's hard to offer them all as standard sizing.

There is no reason you can't cut your poster down to size if you want to fit it to a slightly smaller size frame. In most cases, it may be easier if I custom cut the film from the start if you already know the dimensions of your poster/frame you'll be using. Plus I can then paint the poster to the proper scale of your poster size.

Another option to consider since my overlay film is clear and your base poster shows through is to simply purchase the next size down from what you need if my standard sizing does not work with your art piece or frame. In this case, when installing the overlay film, make sure it is centered and straight as you sandwich it between the glass and your base poster. You can read more and see pictures of the overlay film installation here.

To avoid overlay shifting, make sure your frame assembly is pressed tight on the back, you may need to add a thicker back or thin cardboard to beef it up so there is no gap or wiggle room. Even if it shifts a bit or was laid down slightly crooked, it won't matter too much and will look amazing in the dark!

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