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Transforming a regular poster into something incredible!
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Cosmic Posters are the newest innovation by Artist Jean Eng of Cosmic Rooms that utilizes an "Overlay System" in creating a truly one of a kind masterpiece. Unlike traditional posters that give you only one view, the object itself on the poster, the Cosmic Posters Overlay goes on top of ANY poster and transforms it into two scenes in one.

It's like getting the best of both worlds, a beautiful scene in your regular poster with lights on and LOTS of stars glow in the dark to astonish you with lights off!

In fact, you will actually be able to witness 3 different scenes just by adding a Cosmic Poster Overlay to your framed poster!

How to Turn 1 Poster into 3 Scenes Easy!

Scene 1:
Room Lighting or Daytime
Scene 2:
Under a Blacklight
Scene 3:
Seen in the Dark
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regular poster in daylight Scene 1 - Your poster looks like it always does in room lighting or during the day time. You may notice some of the stars painted on the poster overlay film against darker color surfaces of your regular poster. From a distance, it's not as noticeable. Although the film is crystal clear, there may be a look of haze over certain portions of your poster due to the concentration of stars in certain parts of the cosmic poster.

poster under blacklight Scene 2 - Under blacklight conditions, your poster is morphed into a totally new scene with a new bluish mysterious tint. It's quite pleasing to the eyes and many have commented on how much they like it. Here you will see both the stars and the background poster with just a simple push of a button to turn on your blacklight!

poster seen in the dark Scene 3 - Now turn off the blacklight while you're in the dark and witness an amazing display of glow in the dark stars. Realistic looking and 3 Dimensional...Fantastic depth perception, it truly looks like you're out in space or have a window that looks right out into the most gorgeous starry sky view! In the dark, all you'll see are the stars, everything else has faded away to leave a beautiful, relaxing, magical view of the artist rendition of the night sky.

The Discovery of the Cosmic Posters "Overlay" Method

The original cosmic posters I offered started off on plain white professional art poster paper. Although against ceiling white paint, the paper version worked well and didn't look so out of place in a room when the lights are on. Most people have white ceilings so the paper version worked in those cases. Walls however, come in many different colors and putting up a large 24x36 size white art poster paper on a dark color wall looked strange. At night time, the stars would only show but during the day, guests may wonder why there is a large white, supposedly plain/blank looking piece of paper stuck to your wall!

I wanted a way to make it more aesthetically pleasing for the room decor. Soon afterwards, the solution came about to solve this very problem; I started offering a deluxe clear film alternative that was way more durable and would blend in better against light color walls and ceilings and still allow the wall color to show through.

I have tested many types of clear film to see which one would work best for the paints I use. The medium I currently use works very well to lay my glow paints on and is a 4 mil (.004) thickness which makes it easier for most people to handle without creasing or bending the it unrolls and lays down fairly flat even after it's been rolled up in a tube during transport.

I really love the idea of the clear film blending into walls and ceilings and pretty much have gone exclusively with the film posters while phasing out the paper versions. Another great thing about using this clear film material verses paper is that I am able to do much more creative works on it. Because the surface is smooth and takes awhile to dry, I am able to create scenes on it that I can't do on paper as well. My paints are able to glide easier since the surface is slicker and not absorbent like paper. This film has a coating on it to work with my paints. It reminds me of the clouds murals I paint where I have to lay down a satin finish basecoat just so my faux finish glazed clouds will be able to glide and blend to create more realism. The foundation is very important in getting a good art piece and the right overlay film is the first step to a great cosmic poster!

For years I thought of how nice it would be to have a scene behind the stars. Much like my day/night combo murals, I was looking for a way to introduce both a day scene and a night scene in one poster.

At first I had painted right on posters themselves but that proved to be a disaster as posters I bought had very thin poster paper which was not coated for laying down paint, as opposed to the artist grade poster paper that I was using for my paper posters. Some regular posters are very expensive and painting on them and messing it up is not a very budget friendly option. Then I tried painting stars on top of the glass and acrylic protective piece in a poster frame. That worked good but I still felt like there was a better way.

It took awhile, years actually to pair these two ideas up since life happens and I kept on putting the poster idea on the back burner to concentrate on my murals and other projects. Finally, I decided to give this idea more of my time and out came the newest designs in Cosmic Posters! Still the great clear film posters but the idea is to scale it to sizes that would fit standard poster sizes.

Everyone has posters and the nicer ones are of course framed and displayed prominently in one's homes. All you would do is take your existing poster that's framed and place my starry overlay between the glass/plastic frame covering and the poster itself. Sandwich the overlay between the two for your installation and that's it. Click over for step by step instructions to your complete poster overlay installation.

Now you're not stuck with any one poster, change out the actual poster in the background as much as you'd like to change with your room decor while simply placing the overlay on top of the new poster during framing. You'll get the peaceful, relaxing, gorgeous night sky for your viewing every night! No one ever gets tired of seeing the stars at night! It's so very soothing and will help you fall asleep faster!

It's such a cool idea, why didn't I think to put the two things together sooner? There is a season for everything and NOW was the right time to create the Cosmic Posters Overlay System! I don't know anyone else or seen anyone else come up with anything remotely similar. There are others who offer "star posters" in the past on paper but no one is doing it the way I am!

This IS the Original Cosmic Poster! And only the Original Cosmic Posters by Jean Eng will get a special UV ink stamp for authenticity on their truly one of a kind Cosmic Poster!

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