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Cosmic Posters Installation Guide

An easy to follow, step by step poster installation guide that only takes minutes to set up properly!
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Installation of your new Cosmic Poster is very easy. Follow the step by step installation guide below and in a matter of minutes you will have transformed your normal framed poster into a magical hidden night scene to be enjoyed each and every night.

5 Steps to Poster Overlay Installation

clear film overlay Step 1 - Determine the front and top sides of your overlay film:

Your clear film is made of a durable material that's a 4 mil thickness. It's been painted on one side and you can tell which by running your fingers over the film. The side that feels rough is the front side and should be the side that's facing you upon viewing. Your poster may have been labeled "TOP" with a strip of painter's tape to show you which way the poster was painted and should be displayed. Simply remove the tape carefully once you're ready for installation.
clear film poster overlay Tip - The shooting stars give clues to positioning:

Another way you can tell which side is top is by looking at your poster. You'll have at least one shooting star on it depending on the poster size you purchase. Your shooting star(s) will aim at an angle downwards when the poster is placed correctly. Of course, you can place it however that is pleasing to your eyes. I would suggest that the unpainted, smooth side lay against your poster. It will act as a protector for your poster as well and the smooth side won't scratch your base poster during installation.
empty picture frame Step 2 - Disassemble your picture frame:

Take out your frame and remove the backing. For this example, I started with an empty frame I had unused. I had an old astronomy calender that had gorgeous hubble images that I cut to size according to the frame glass dimensions. So start with an empty frame and take note which side is top.
replace glass in picture frame Step 3 - Place frame glass/plastic back onto frame:

Clean if necessary the glass or plastic for the frame and allow it dry thoroughly. You may simply need to wipe off finger print smudges, dust, or lint. Your film poster may attract dust and lint so keep it stored in the poster tube until you're ready for the installation. Place the glass or plastic onto the frame.
add clear film overlay Step 4 - Place overlay film in correct positioning:

Place your clear film Cosmic Poster onto the glass. Keep in mind which side is front and top. You want the smooth side facing you at this point so your regular poster will lay on top of that. You also want to be mindful of which side is top to match the top of your frame. Don't worry if you place it upside down the first time, it is easily fixable.
clear film overlay poster Tip - Remember the rough painted side is against the glass:

Your poster overlay film will be sandwiched between the glass and your base poster. Painted side of the film is against the glass while the smooth unpainted side lays next to your base poster of choice. Again, the shooting stars give you a visual idea of correct placement as they will point downwards at a 45 to 80 degree angle from the top of the Cosmic Poster. This placement is not set in stone, it's just the way the poster was originally painted from my perspective. Find the most visually appealing look for you.
reassemble your picture frame Step 5 - Finish installing your poster frame the usual way:

Place your base poster on top of the film overlay and place the backing of the frame on top of that. Secure the wired clips that hold the backing in place and now you're ready to hang up your new Super Cool Poster! I didn't take a picture of the base poster going down because it was a calendar sheet on the back and didn't want to confuse anyone. Your normal poster will be blank on the side you'll see during installation.
poster installation is complete It's ready to hang, Enjoy!

Notice how the "stars" I painted on the overlay sheet blends in well with the milky way galaxy poster? Even if you notice the shooting star, it looks like it belongs there!
can transfer overlay poster easily Nebula looks awesome, the stars blend in well!

This nebula looks great paired with my Cosmic Posters Overlay System! If you look really carefully, you can see where the two shooting stars are and that's because they are against a darker color background. But since the picture is so busy and "starry", it blends in just fine.
change poster easy Planet Earth looks amazing with stars surrounding it

Here's a picture of our beautiful planet. Notice how against the blackness of space, you can "see" the stars during lighted conditions but against the white colors and busy nature of the planet, the stars blend in undetected. On this image, it actually looks like my visible stars are just a part of the overall photograph!
change poster for a new look The stars look like it's just a part of the Aurora Borealis

On darker colors, yes you can "see" the stars during the day time but on this Aurora Borealis image, the visible stars look fitting!
blacklight posters Under Blacklight

The same poster overlay setup in the previous photo is now seen under a blacklight to charge. It's interesting with the blacklight on because you see both glowing stars and the background poster image but in a new bluish/purplish light. It completely changes the look of the Aurora Borealis and makes it more blue nebula like. This is one cool blacklight poster!
glow in the dark posters And lastly...the night sky view in the dark

The view of the Cosmic Poster in the dark after being charged thoroughly with a blacklight. All backgrounds disappear into the darkness and only the beautiful night sky is seen in the dark. Charge your poster for a full 15 minutes and it will glow for hours. It will fade out over time but a quick recharge with a blacklight will re-energize it to full brightness, over and over again!

Show it off at your next party, EVERYONE will think it's SOOOO COOL!!

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