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Jean Eng of Cosmic Rooms is the innovative artist and creator of the cosmic posters overlay system!
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cosmic posters artist, jean eng I find a lot of joy in painting my stargazing murals. I've been creating the view of the night sky with glow in the dark paint since 2003!

My life is about expression and creativity and this wonderful outlet has allowed me to capture my visions of the universe into breathtaking scenes.

Why Posters?

I love painting my Cosmic Rooms murals and I think posters are a great idea and an extension of my beautiful artwork so it can reach more people to enjoy. Most people have never heard of my murals and the posters are a nice way to introduce them to my art. Plus with my poster overlay system, it is an easy way to get a glimpse of the night sky without changing too much of the room decor. Everyone has a poster or two in their home at some point in their life, why not make the best use of it by utilizing my Cosmic Posters Overlay System and turn their 1 poster into 3 different scenes?

From the interest I've seen over my artwork throughout the world, traveling far to paint is not always ideal nor affordable to the client. These posters are a way to make stargazing indoors with my art a lot more budget friendly.

Another reason for the poster overlay creation is more personal. At some point in my ceiling mural painting days, I'll be either too old, too physically incapable, or want to start a family when I settle down. I can't very well climb up and down a tall ladder as much if I choose to have a child and raise a family. The posters would allow me the freedom to continue expressing my creativity while sharing my art with the rest of the world. Changes in life has definitely lead me to this point of expanding this artform and building this website. I'd been selling Star Posters and Star Paintings on my Cosmic Rooms site for years now but most visitors don't notice the page because they are looking for a mural, this site will get the attention of more people who are searching for poster ideas!

My Cosmic Posters Mission

People these days tend to be stressed out and can't seem to relax. My mission is to help everyone find a little peace and serenity in their life and I know no better way than with my soothing glow in the dark stars. Adults love it, Kids love it! I hope to get my Cosmic Posters in thousands of homes so there will be much more happier folks all over the world that are relaxed, creative, and inspired.

Ways to Use Cosmic Posters

stars Unwind at night and relax the stress away!
stars Create an atmosphere of romance and love!
stars Meditate and connect to the universe under the stars!
stars Allow your imagination and creative side be inspired!
stars A perfect night light for any kid!
stars Let the Stars lull you to sleep easy!
stars Tie into any theme in your room, especially ones with Space in mind!
stars Surprise unsuspecting house guest with a poster in the guest room!
stars Surprise anyone you love with the gift of the stars!
stars Makes a very unique gift, one that will not be forgotten easily!
stars An intriguing conversational piece at any party!

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