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The Ultimate Space Posters on this side of the Milky Way Galaxy!
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Take your Existing Posters to the Next Level in Design...
Works with ANY poster you already have!

Introducing.... Cosmic Posters, the most intriguing, glow in the dark rendition of the night sky you will ever see! Simple to use, takes minutes to install, and can provide hours of nightly enjoying for years to come for you and your loved ones! Plus it's portable and transferable too!

What are Cosmic Posters?

cosmic posters overlay Cosmic Posters are the newest creation designed by Artist Jean Eng of Cosmic Rooms. Utilizing an "Overlay Method", Cosmic Posters are custom hand painted with a unique stargazing view onto a Crystal Clear Film that is more durable than regular paper posters. When you place a Cosmic Poster on top of ANY ordinary poster, within minutes, you've simply transformed it into an extraordinary delight for your eyes!

What does the Cosmic Posters Overlay look like?

During the day or when the room lights are on, you'll see your posters as it normally looks. Now supercharge it with a blacklight for a minute or more (up to 15 minutes) and see it in the dark for an "out of this world" experience! Your wall will literally seem like there's a window into outer space!

"It's the coolest thing ever!"

Both kids and adults love the view!

To the right, you'll see what the actual film that's being shown in the other pictures look like in the dark after super charging with a blacklight!
starry night sky view

Best of all, because you'll only see the glowing stars in the dark, it does not take away from your normal room decor. And because it's an overlay system, you can transfer the overlay film to a different base poster anytime you want to match your changing style and room decor while keeping the stars on display for your personal enjoyment at night.

cosmic posters overlay If you are looking for a virtually invisible daytime look, my Cosmic Posters will work best over lighter color posters (backgrounds) or with ones that are busy in design. If you pair my cosmic poster with a deep space poster like a nebula or a galaxy, the stars painted on the film will blend in almost seamlessly against the background.

On darker color posters, you'll be able to visibly see the painted stars on the film but only when you're standing within a few feet away. At a distance, it's harder to tell and you may see some tiny specks if you are actively looking for them, most people wouldn't even know anything has been done to the poster at all! It's very similiar to the effects of my stargazing murals. See more examples in the Cosmic Posters Gallery.

Where to Place Your Cosmic Posters

Put one in your guest room and surprise your house guests at night with a peaceful, relaxing view of the night sky...they'll wonder if you really do have a window on that wall!

It's also a wonderful accent for rooms that are already space themed like a little boy's "Star Wars" themed room! Star Wars Posters on the walls can add a nice touch to tie in the decor BUT add my overlay system to those posters and it turns into a galactic treat your kid will surely jump up and down in excitement about!

cosmic posters overlay And don't forget the little girls with their fairy tale princess themes, I don't know any little girl who wouldn't love love love having stars in their room! Imagine how amazing my star poster overlays would look over a poster of tinkerbell or other fairies, it's magical x1000!

A full size stargazing ceiling mural are hard to beat but if you live just too far away from me (I'm just south of Baltimore, Maryland) to have me paint you a mural, my cosmic posters are the next best thing! In a short two weeks, you can have a little piece of my artwork right in your room, you'll be stargazing in no time since the overlays act like a stargazing window to space!

Of course, you could always just put the clear film posters up onto your ceiling as it is without any posters behind it. This will give you a night sky view at night while the stars on the film will blend into any light color wall or ceiling. Put two posters side by side for twice the sky! Get a block of 4 and you'll be sleeping under a big canopy of stars! Stagger them throughout the walls in your room for a space ship portal like atmosphere! Click to see all the available sizes and custom sizing options.

No matter how you put them up, stargazing indoors is awesome and my Cosmic Posters are sure to be a hit with everyone, makes a terrific gift! All orders are custom hand painted to order so do allow 2 weeks for painting, drying, and shipping.

Due to the nature of my custom paint to order process, all sales are final. But no worries, I take great pride in my artwork to make it the very best; top notch quality and attention to details are definitely my trademarks in this industry. You won't get carbon copies, mass production here. No two posters will ever look exactly the same!

Click on the star below to purchase your unique, one of a kind artist rendition of the night sky in a Cosmic Posters Overlay today!

click here to order cosmic posters overlay
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